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We were founded on the sea, we are active on the sea, and through the sea we will contribute to society. Fukada Salvage & Marine Works uses its valuable experience and technological power cultivated on the sea in a variety of business activities.

Nearly 100 years ago, we began by handling ships damaged in the Russo-Japanese war. Since then, we have ridden out the Pacific War, rapid economic growth, oil crises, and other vicissitudes of time and continued to thrive. While the nature of our business has changed to meet the changing needs of society, we have always been active on the sea. Today, we have expanded our business activities in every direction to include not just marine salvage but also offshore engineering, steel constructure installation projects, vessel and heavy cargo shipping, and ocean development. Our presence on the sea can be clearly felt.

Fukada Salvage & Marine Works Business Activities

  • Salvage

    We provide speedy salvage service along Japanese coasts and waters of the world.

  • Steel Constructure Installation

    We offer comprehensive services with large crane barges, such as bridge and port equipment installation, welding, and pipe laying.

    Steel Constructure Installation
  • Offshore Engineering

    From undersea tunnels to creating seawalls, building caissons, and dredging, we handle a variety of offshore engineering projects.

    Offshore Engineering
  • Towing & Heavy Cargo Transportation

    We use deck barges to ship heavy cargo and wet tow special floating structures both within Japan and around the world.

    Towing & Heavy Cargo Transportation
  • Ocean Development

    We are pushing into uncharted regions through deep sea exploration, submarine cable laying, and erecting deepwater structures.

    Ocean Development