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Steel Constructure Installation

Bridge Installation / Assembly & Installation of Dock Loading and Unloading Equipment / Ship Block Installation / Heavy Cargo Loading and Unloading

Supporting the development of infrastructure through bridgework and the improvement of port functions through large loading/unloading equipment installation

The Honshu-Shikoku Bridges – planned in the 1960s, these three routes were completed and opened in 1999. Fukada Salvage & Marine Works was involved from the beginning, conducting investigations and test construction on this massive government project(1965). Through this, we cultivated our technological prowess. The growth of Japan, a country surrounded by the sea, can be greatly credited to the increased functionality of port facilities and more convenient transportation afforded by bridges. We have played a major role in realizing this growth.

With heavy cargo becoming more diversified, and plants becoming more complex, steelwork is becoming heavily individualized. Handling these structures today requires ingenuity, and so our technological program, which we developed and operate in-house, is constantly evolving to allow us to create more elaborate plans to address society's needs.

Installing the Rainbow Bridge tower base
Installing the Rainbow Bridge tower base

Our motto – Providing high quality services with an emphasis on safety

We operate on the sea, which presents a unique work environment. While expanding facilities and improving their function is of course important, equally important is the level of experience in our staff and our technological prowess. We employ seasoned ship captains, foremen, and other staff so that their essence infuses our cargo barges and work vessels and we can act as one on-site. Our motto is "Safety First" in providing our customers, as well as their partners and families, with the highest quality service day in and day out.