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Corporate History

1910 ~

1910 July / Founded as Fukada Marine Industries in Kure, Hiroshima

1940 ~

1949 July 23 / Established as Fukada Salvage Co.

1960 ~

1961 Wasaburo Fukada, company founder, receives the Minister of Transport Award for his contributions to the development of the salvage industry
1966 Established the Singapore Sales Office and Jakarta Sub-office
1970 Established the Mutsu Battleship Salvage Works Office
1971 Conducted deep sea diving tests (to 100m) using helium gas (Totaku coast)
1972 Participated in the Malacca – Singapore Straits maintenance project
1974 Participated as a founder to establish the Japan Crane Barge Association (now the Japan Marine Crane Technology Association)

1980 ~

1987 Joined the Association of Average Adjusters of Japan
1988 Changed business name from Fukada Salvage Co. to Fukada Salvage & Marine Works Co., Ltd.
1990 Dispatched an engineer to participate in the Overseas Shipbuilding Cooperation Centre Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund Philippines Maritime Safety Improvement Project
1991 Signed a European distributor contract with Fairmount Marine Investments B.V.
1992 Established the North Sakhalin Project Team
1995 Dispatched a North American floating structure inspection team.
Cooperated in the 16th International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering

2000 ~

2001 Osaka Office ISO9001 certified
2003 Nagoya, Chugoku, Kanto, Kyushu, and Tokyo Offices ISO9001
certified Established Tatsumi Fukada Sakhalin Co., Ltd.
2006 Exhibited at the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) Tokyo Convention
2007 Conducted hull cutting tests on Duram (Germany) segments
2008 Exhibited at Techno Ocean Kobe
2009 Participated in the Salvage Law & Wreck Conference and Salvage Law & Practice Seminar (London)
2010 Signed a European distributor contract with ALP Maritime Services B.V.
Introduced the Hakuyo 3000 ROV (SNK Ocean Co., Ltd.) to our fleet
Introduced submersible systems for marine areas polluted with hazardous substances Participated in the Maritime Salvage & Casualty Response Seminar (London)
2011 Salvaged ships in distress, supported restoration and recovery work, and provided monetary donations during the Great East Japan Earthquake
Established a Tohoku Sales Office in Sendai, Miyagi
Participated in Offshore Wind 2011 Shanghai (international wind energy meeting)
2012 Introduced autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and wet bell submersible systems to our fleet