Geotechnical Survey Completed in Offshore Wind

Launching of Unicorn-1

Fukada Salvage and Marine Works (Fukada) completed an extensive CPT program using the Unicorn-1 Seafloor drilling system. The program mobilized in May and ran through to the first week of September 2017. The Unicorn-1 was deployed from vessels during the program including a DP2 vessel (Shin Chou Maru) using the Unicorn-1 purpose-built A-Frame and Active Heave compensated winch and a barge (Irago) using an A-frame of opportunity.

In total Fukada performed 71 operational dives at three (3) site locations and collected over 1,800m of CPTu data at depths ranging up to 63m below the mudline. The Unicorn-1 Seafloor drill logged over 1,200 hours of subsea operational time and installed over 1,500 of casing during the program.

The ability of the seafloor drill to completely isolate vessel motion allowed for the collection of excellent CPTu data directly from the mudline and could operate in weather conditions up to 2.5m seas  with no degradation in performance.

The Unicorn-1 system is a highly capable seafloor drilling platform suitable for operation to 3,000m of seawater and the ability to operate safely in highly variable weather conditions utilizing its purpose-built A-frame and heave compensated winch.

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